The Den

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Feature 1

The Wolf's Den Kennel originated in Western Massachusetts in 1986.  After graduating from high school, Mike began to pursue his passion for sled dogs.  Every evening and weekend was spent finding places with enough snow and enough wilderness to run his dogs.  in 2005, Mike and Caitlin decided they needed a place that was truly wilderness.  They moved to Alaska and began a search for a place to build their home.  They needed a spot with access to training trails, plenty of snow in the winters, and cool summers.  In 2007 they purchased the property now home to The Wolf's Den Kennel.

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This property was homesteaded in 1948 by John Rumohr, one of the first park rangers at Denali National Park.  Rumohr and his wife Luella, were also mushers, traveling the backcountry of the park by dog team.  Rumohr advocated for sled dogs arguing that they are more reliable than snowmobiles. 

Feature 3

This magical property was uninhabited for nearly 30 years before Mike and Caitlin purchased it.  With time, the buildings aged and Mike and Caitlin have spent the past 9 years bringing the property back to life.  Like all mushers, they began by building what the dogs would need: kennel space, houses, a feed and tack room, and an indoor dog barn.  More recently Mike has worked on the log cabin, moving it to a new foundation, cleaning the logs, and replacing the roof.


Today The Wolf's Den Kennel is home to 60 Alaskan Huskies, one beagle, Mike, Caitlin, and Maxwell.  We live in the log cabin the Rumohr built in 1948, keeping the tradition of sled dogs alive in Denali.  While we finally live with running water, we have the opportunity to spend each day in this beautiful place surrounded by the dogs, wildlife, and open spaces we love.

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